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User Experience

Detail, Detail, Detail: Our approach to UX is defined by our thirst for detail to understand our clients’ product or service and then we are able to fully understand the users’ expectations of those products or services.  With this detail, we are able to deliver effective, high performing and pleasing user experiences across the digital space.

Detail, Detail, Detail: Our approach to UX is defined by our thirst for detail.

Our approach

We start with the here and now and build our understanding through client inception sessions, market research, industry best practise, data analysis, user testing and more all help us get under the layers of detail.

It is at the UX stage of the project where sketches and wireframes are produced and evolved with client collaboration.  On the page and within the sketches and wireframes, we consider; content hierarchy at site level and at the page level, user scenarios, page layout, product messaging and brand messages, how to build trust and confidence in the experience to ensure the users wants to do more and continue in their journey, responsive behaviour.

Image of a brainstorming wallImage of wireframes

Our approach is to, at this early stage of the creative process when producing sketches and wireframes, to also consider how to improve focus and purpose with the use of animation as this use of technology can fundamentally impact the page layout and content positioning.

We specialise in digital customer journeys, from the users’ first engagement with the brand experience carried through to a user outcome; engagement, purchase, subscription or a simple ‘tell me more’.

Visual Design

Pixel perfect Visual Design leads to pixel perfect development. Visual design is where we now create exhilarating brand experience, with all of the core user experience as the foundation.

The visual design stage of creativity will enhance the user experience from the wireframe stage and often evolves the experience. With the sound foundation of solid working principles in typography and spacing, other visual design elements, of icons, photographs, colour, illustrations, inactive and active user states will add layers to deliver the successful visual design output against the page function and purpose.

Creative ImageFactory Image
People Chatting IconEnergy Meter IconOil Rig Icon
Radiator IconCamera IconToaster IconSink Icon
Icecream IconBox IconBottle IconCarton IconBowl Icon

We will have already considered user scenarios, user interaction, during the wireframe stage, but with the visual layer, we are able to demonstrate more clearly the visuals that support these cases and work those the visual combinations that are most effective.

Accessibility of the page is now considered in depth to ensure that at the development stage the webpage can deliver the accessible standards expected.

There’s a lot of detail and precision at this stage, but the thrill of creating a rich and engaging experience with the user behaviour front and centre, is never lost in the process.

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